Wednesday, October 31, 2012

picture dump

My sister just nicely reminded me that its been quite some time since I updated. Well it was back in end of July that I updated so I don't blame her for being a bit naggy.

looking out the fience
playing with Daddy and Gunner
We play the piano
Back in august we made a trip to Ely because the corn was ready to be picked. We love going up there and kind of just look for a reason to go. Well Madison decided to get carsick on the way up. Nasty nasty thing to have to stop for on a four hour  drive. I think we were only a half hour outside of town when she started throwing up. (no i decided it wasn't a great thing to take a picture of so don't worry) so once she was stripped down to her diaper and most of the puke was cleaned out of the cracks in the car seat we set back off to Ely. We ended up having to spray off the car seat in the yard and wash the liner. (on a side note my pediatrician told me that benidril will stop carsickness. but one out of every ten kids will go crazy hyper on it while the other nine will zonk out. I'm going to try this on our next trip to see if it helps) we literally only go up there for a weekend and went back home.

I told Madison it was time to leave my Mom's house and she refused to give up her doll
Madison went to nursery for the first time back in august also. The fisrt time I dropped her off she didn't realize what I was doing and she ran off and played with the toys... when I picked her up she was hiding under the table eating crayons... like she had a mouth full and was wining. There were far too many kids for the amount of people in there. The second week she flipped out when I tried leaving her but when I picked her up she was sitting on someones lap playing with balloons. Shes just now getting ok with being left but shes not the keen on it. Shes always fine when we pick her up , shes normally playing with one of their dolls.

yes, I do spend a lot of time doing her hair
Our lease was up at eagle crest at the end on September so I started hunting for a new place back in July. Let me tell you when you don't know where you will be sleeping in a month it is stressful. The other issue is that you can only hold a property for two weeks when put a security deposit down. Lets just say I spent hundreds of hour scouring the internet looking for a new place. I finally found a perfect place in a fantastic neighborhood, with little to no crime, and with in our price point. It was a miracle. Everything fell into place perfectly. I found the property before it actually hit the market which surprised the restate agent who showed us the property. We also met the owner on the walk through which I found odd but I think it helped us.  (we switched car insurances which made it so we could save money more rapidly to come up with the three months rent, security deposit, cleaning deposit and key deposit along with the money for the uhaul needed) We are now on horse and 95. We are in the same ward as my cousin and people who used to bed in Los Prados with me growing up. Packing with a toddler was interesting to say the least. Lets just say caffeine and staying up through may a nap helped me pack everything. On the day of the move we dropped Madison off at my moms and had Ryans friend Matt help load up the Uhaul. We got everything moved over the same day and the next two weeks I spent cleaning the old place. (with flat paint walls where people just pained over the dirt for their version cleaning and using a sponge took the paint off the walls... it was impossible) So after spending hours trying to clean the hard water off the shower doors and scrubbing the stove with the entire apartment filling with fumes I gave up. We did get back just under half of our security deposit. If I  would have realized that I probably wouldn't have cleaned at all.

yes she was chasing the vacuum
she was helping me sweep
I went to the dentist for the first time in seven years back in September... sheesh. I got my mouth for the first time in my life to do my cleaning... yeah I'm never missing a dentists appointment again. They did find my second cavity of my life. The cleaning however sucked...

My siblings and I had a love fest on facebook the other day. It made my husband laugh... Sometimes you just have to have a loving love fest.

Ryan had manditory overtime for about a week so my mom came over to watch Madison for the overlapping time between our shifts. Madison loved having Grandma come over. She was even a goose one day and fell back asleep on the front floor after her nap. She sure loves her Grandma. Grandma even brought her popciclles

 Madison has just gotten into Disney movies. She likes to just sit there and watch them. Sometimes she sits on Daddy when she watches them... Shes cute

 Madison enjoys getting into things... I know what a shocker

 ok tour... Yes its out of order but I'm not in the mood to rearange trhe entire posts worth of pictures... twice

 Yes its my front door. with my welcome mat. Something that you don't think about but I now have where I didn't have before... a door bell

 this is the look of my kitchen from the hallway... you will notice that Madison is following me around while I was taking pictures
 This is our counter... with my digital picture frame. Its also my regrowing green onion. I love watching pictures of Madison growing up all day long
 This is our bookcase. Yes you can tell where Madison can reach but she tends to put the books back when shes done playing with them. Yes, enjoy the gater
 My kitchen, yes I just made muffins
 view from sink
 Madisons room
 thumper and her monkey don't tend to leave the crib

 I have a laumdry room! You have no idea how much I love this since I had to do laundry outside for two years... now I can just go into a room
 I keep my towels in there
 Its a beautiful thing
 yes shes a goose
 our room
 Ryans computer area
 I  love his degree and certification area
 our bathroom

 Madisons bathroom
 how you can tell its hers
 the view from our porch
 so much better

 The closet that holds our movies

My grandma came into town the other day (my only living grandparent if you were wondering) and I've been mildly obsessed with taking a four generation for a while now. She got to meet Great grandma Doris for the first time. Madison got shy and cranky because I kept her up two hours past time so I don't really blaim her. I did get my picture on Sunday at dinner. Madison sure loves having kids to run around with So Ethan is a great speed for her. Crazy goes well with crazy =) I got to see John for two seconds that weekend also. He was down for the unlv and unr game... I think unr won but I seriously don't follow or care about sports... I also got to see my Aunt Nancy. I seriously love her. Most people might be intimidated by her conversations I love them! She really listens and remembers everything. Love love love her! I got to have breakfast with my cousin and his family too!!! I wish they lived so much closer than Utah! I would hang out with them every week with a game night or just go over and chill out. Madison loves being around Owen!

When we were getting ready to move I made the choose to give up going to wicked when it was in town. Now for those of you who know me know that is a huge thing because I've wanted to go to see wicked for years and years. I own all of the books, I have the grimmery, the Broadway cd, I even tried to watch a bootleg copy of it online but it was seriously horrible quality. Well my sister heard this and she went into action. My amazing family pulled together and bought Ryan and I a ticket to go see it on its final night. I loved it! Ryan even liked it which was a miracle. I completely plan on seeing it again if it ever rolls through again.

My wards trunk or treat was this Saturday. After about five stores and three different trips to old navy I got Madison a monkey costume. We went waaaay too early to the trunk or treat and kind of just stood around for two hours. Madison is too young for the carnival games, we did get her a butterfly painted on her face. All little miss did was dance around and watch the other kids play. She did good. My mom tagged along also.

We have been going to the park alot since we moved. We live next to a few and we go everyday. She needs to get her wiggles out since I'm such a bump on a log in the morning. If we don't go to the park then we go on a walk. I try to get her in the sun. I've discovered that we live by a lot of people I didn't realize that we did. It makes for trips to the park to be fun when you run into people you don't realize you are going to run into.

I'm so needing this election to be over with...